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API Services

APIs have revolutionised the payment experience by enabling faster, more efficient, and lower-cost transaction processing. Payments companies and their customers both gain from this.

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AEPS Service

AePS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) is a bank-led concept that enables online financial transactions at the point of sale via any bank's correspondent utilising Aadhaar verification.

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BBPS Services

The Bharat Bill Payment System is an integrated bill payment system that provide clients with interoperable bill payment services both online and through a network of ground agents.

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Domestic Money Transfer API is a great way for site owners, SMEs, and other organisations to generate additional revenue. Online Money Transfer Business routing for the greatest profit at the lowest cost.

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Micro ATM

Best micro atm solution provider company in India uses an identifying proof, most often the Aadhaar, that is linked to the customer's bank account to identify the customer. A receipt is printed by the micro-ATM for each transaction.

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Aadhaar Pay

The government's digital payments initiative, Aadhaar Pay, is in risk. Experts expect that it will now be limited to rural areas, where the majority of people already have Aadhaar-linked bank accounts and receive government benefits.

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Pan Card Service

The PAN Card API enables a business correspondent or agent to provide PAN enrollment, verification, or update services through a single platform at reasonable prices and increased commission rates.

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Banking Service

Banking APIs also allow banks and fintech alike to embed their services in non-financial apps. To comprehend what an API in banking entails, a Micro ATM service provider must first comprehend what an API entails in general.

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Software Development

Software Development Agency gathers requirements, prototyping, testing, and maintenance are all examples of software development activities which frequently built independently of hardware.

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Travel Booking

Travel booking service providers in Pune provide you instant access to thousands of third-party travel deals. By offering a varied selection of travel items as individual services or packages, you can become the ideal online destination for passengers and partners.

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Hotel Booking

The 2B Hotel Booking Portal was created with a two-step confirmation in mind because of the complexity of client and provider systems. Customers can use a flexible date search to see available rates for a specific number of days before and after check-in.

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Flight Booking

B2C flight booking software stands allow you to sell a big inventory of flights directly to your consumers from a broad pool of airlines. API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it's a mechanism for one corporation to have legitimate access to another's products.

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BizpayApi - Pay Simply

API Service | Best AEPS Service Provider in Ahmednagar | Bizpayapi

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Bizpayapi is India's best API Service Provider and converged payments solution provider, allowing your firm to accept, process, and distribute payments through its range of products. All payment methods, including credit and debit cards, UPI, and popular mobile wallets, are available with Bizpayapi.

The ability of a payment solution to scale to meet your rising demands is the most important feature. We at Bizpayapi are committed to ensuring that you have the greatest possible payment infrastructure in place.

The Payment Gateway from Bizpayapi is a solution that handles end-to-end payments.

Have we mentioned how simple it is to integrate our Payment Gateway with your system? Because our Payment Gateway is designed for developers, you can go live in minutes. The APIs, plugins, and libraries are all designed with developers in mind.

Bizpayapi's Payment Gateway accepts the widest range of payment methods and Online Bill Payments. We cover everything from domestic and international credit/debit cards to UPI and mobile wallets.

Based on data and insights, you want to focus your efforts on key aspects of your company.

Any business's ability to make decisions is critical. Data is also important in this process since it allows you to create business contingencies by predicting future trends and optimising existing efforts. The dashboard created by Bizpayapi is the most complete, data-driven, and analytical dashboard available. The dashboard aids in the evaluation of real-time data and the extraction of insights from the various reports, allowing you to make more educated business decisions.

We realize that most consumers are concerned about their security when conducting online transactions. After all, it's your hard-earned cash. With so many individuals making transactions online, there is an increasing need to ensure that all of the data they submit is secure.

We're also determined to ensure strong security so that this private information does not fall into the wrong hands. Payments Compliance enters the picture at this point.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a collection of standards created, mandated, and registered by the branded cards and Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council to ensure that every transaction is safe and no data is lost.

All of Bizpayapi's products are protected by a PCI DSS-compliant and certified solution that is 100 per cent PCI DSS compliant. We strive to create a technical environment in the service industry that delivers excellent performance, save time and money, and improves customer happiness. Read More...

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